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Farrell's Transformations Begin in Mankato, MN!

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On Saturday, May 12th, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping’s newest location in Mankato, Minnesota, opened its doors for their first 10-week challenge welcoming new members who are ready to transform their lives.

Jeremy and Jacque Whiteford are co-owners of our new Farrell’s Mankato location.

Co-owners of the new Farrell's of Mankato

As Jeremy and Jacque said, “Being able to introduce the Farrell’s program in the Mankato market is important to us. This is a tight-knit, small community that is in need of a kickboxing, strength-training and nutrition-focused program that can reach all ages and all physical levels.”

In attendance to help with orientation was Farrell’s member Melanie H., who began her Farrell’s transformation in 2011. Melanie shared her story with us:

“I met Jeremy and Jacque at the Farrell’s Colorado Blvd location and we became fast friends and I wanted to be here today to support them and the program.

“I first learned about Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping from a college friend who lived in Iowa and she had won the 10-Week $1,000 Challenge. I always thought if there was a program like that here in Denver, I could win too. As I was driving down Colorado Boulevard one day, I saw a sign for Farrell’s and thought, ‘I guess I have to own up to my word now!’ And I ended up winning the $1,000! The changes I saw were physical changes, getting smaller, being stronger, being able to do more, and the friendships I made. It was a life-changing experience for me!

Farrell's Fitness Class

“I’ve tried every program under the sun and never stuck with anything – and then I tried this program and here I am seven years later, it’s the one thing that’s worked.” Hear Melanie’s full story here!

Congratulations Jeremy and Jacque on your newest Farrell’s location! We know you will continue to succeed and change the lives of many members to come.

Do you or someone you know someone in the Mankato area looking to transform? Farrell’s Mankato’s 10-week session enrollment is open until Saturday, May 26! Visit their website or call (218) 329-2266 to enroll today!

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